Sulock, Gallagher are Officers of Month in 8th Police District

The 8th Po­lice Dis­trict named Of­ficers Gregory Su­lock and Stefan Galla­gh­er as Of­ficers of the Month for April for res­cuing a wo­man from a burn­ing apart­ment build­ing on April 28.

Su­lock was on patrol in the 8900 block of Frank­ford Ave. at 10:30 a.m. when he saw smoke bil­low­ing from the prop­erty. Neigh­bors who had gathered out­side the build­ing told the of­ficer that a wo­man was trapped in a second-floor apart­ment.

The en­trances to the prop­erty were locked, so Su­lock kicked in a rear door, as­cen­ded a flight of stairs and heard the wo­man scream­ing for help. Des­pite thick smoke that blocked his vis­ion, Su­lock used the wo­man’s voice to find her.

Galla­gh­er was next to ar­rive on the scene. Real­iz­ing that Su­lock was in­side the burn­ing build­ing, Galla­gh­er also entered to as­sist. By that time, Su­lock was ex­per­i­en­cing the ef­fects of smoke in­hal­a­tion. Galla­gh­er helped Su­lock out of the build­ing as Phil­adelphia fire fight­ers res­cued the wo­man.

The wo­man and Su­lock were each taken to a loc­al hos­pit­al and treated for smoke in­hal­a­tion. The wo­man also was treated for burns.

Thanks to the cour­ageous ac­tions of Su­lock and Galla­gh­er, no fatal­it­ies res­ul­ted from the fire. ••

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