Deadline is near to be part of citywide garden contest

How does your garden grow?  Are your ve­g­gies and flowers of award-win­ning qual­ity?

The best way to find out is to enter your little plot of green in the Pennsylvania Hor­ti­cul­tur­al So­ci­ety’s an­nu­al city­wide garden con­test. But hurry up. The dead­line is June 10.

Not that en­ter­ing is dif­fi­cult. It’s easy. You can do it on­line or by phone.

For the on­line entry form, vis­it www.pennsylvani­ahor­ti­cul­tur­also­ci­­form­NEW.html

That form may be prin­ted and sent to:

City Gar­dens Con­test

Pennsylvania Hor­ti­cul­tur­al So­ci­ety

100 N. 20th St.

Phil­adelphia, PA 19103-1495

To get more in­form­a­tion or to enter by phone, call the hor­ti­cul­tur­al so­ci­ety’s edu­ca­tion­al activ­it­ies man­ager, Flos­sie Nar­ducci, at 215-988-8897.

The cat­egor­ies are the same this year as last, Nar­ducci said, but the judging will be a little dif­fer­ent, and per­haps more con­veni­ent for the so­ci­ety’s vo­lun­teer judges and con­test­ants.

This year, there will be just one round of judging — from Ju­ly 5 to Aug. 12, Nar­ducci said. One vis­it is easi­er to ar­range than two, giv­en that so many people might be away on va­ca­tion in Ju­ly and Au­gust.

Pre­vi­ously, judges would vis­it gar­dens in Ju­ly and se­lect the best for an­oth­er round of judging in Au­gust, dur­ing which the win­ners were picked in each cat­egory. Win­ners will be an­nounced in Septem­ber dur­ing the hor­ti­cul­tur­al so­ci­ety’s Fall Garden Fest­iv­al at the Phil­adelphia Navy Yard.

Con­test cat­egor­ies:

• Flower Garden: Any size garden, most of which com­prise flowers or trees and shrubs. It may have some con­tain­ers. A com­munity flower garden is cared for by three or more neigh­bors.

ull; Ve­get­able Garden: Any size garden, most of which are com­posed of ve­get­ables, cared for in­di­vidu­ally. A com­munity ve­get­able garden is cared for by three or more neigh­bors.

• Com­bin­a­tion Garden: Any size garden with ve­get­ables and flowers. Not al­ways ex­actly half and half, but both should make a sig­ni­fic­ant im­pact. A com­munity com­bin­a­tion garden is cared for by three or more neigh­bors.

• Con­tain­er Garden: A garden area where most plants are grown in con­tain­ers.

• Chil­dren’s Garden: A home garden, a plot with­in a com­munity garden, or a garden on school grounds that is main­tained primar­ily by school-age chil­dren, usu­ally un­der adult su­per­vi­sion.

• Park: A neigh­bor­hood park with planted beds.

• Garden Block: A block in which a ma­jor­ity of the res­id­ents dis­play win­dow boxes and street plant­ers con­tain­ing shrubs and/or flowers.

• Green­est Block in Town: A tree-lined block in which res­id­ents garden in their front yards. The block may also in­clude con­tain­ers and plant­ings along the side­walks and street.

• Urb­an Farm: An en­tre­pren­eur­i­al op­er­a­tion that grows and sells fruits, ve­get­ables and flowers and donates a per­cent­age of its pro­duce to its com­munity or a food cup­board.

Con­test rules:

• Gar­dens entered for com­pet­i­tion must be loc­ated with­in the Phil­adelphia city lim­its.

• Con­test dead­line — June 10

• Gar­dens must be main­tained by home garden­ers for in­di­vidu­al entries or mul­tiple (three or more) neigh­bor­hood garden­ers for a com­munity garden.

• In­di­vidu­al plots with­in a com­munity garden are not eli­gible for com­pet­i­tion un­less planted and main­tained by youth up to age 18.

• For in­di­vidu­al con­test­ants, only one entry per ad­dress.

• Con­test­ants vo­lun­teer­ing as judges are not per­mit­ted to judge oth­er gar­dens in the same cat­egory as their gar­dens.

• In­di­vidu­al gar­dens owned or main­tained by PHS em­ploy­ees are not eli­gible for com­pet­i­tion.

• PHS works to ac­com­mod­ate con­test­ants’ sched­ules dur­ing Ju­ly and Au­gust judging. If the garden is not ac­cess­ible from the street, con­test­ants must be present or make ar­range­ments to have someone present for judging.

• De­cisions of the judges are fi­nal.

• Win­ners will be no­ti­fied by mail.

• Win­ners’ names and garden pho­tos may be used in the PHS News, on the Web site and in oth­er pub­lic­a­tions. Home ad­dresses will not be pub­lished.

• Awards will be presen­ted at a re­cep­tion at a time to be an­nounced later. ••

You can reach at

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