Story Archive June 08 2011

Scenes from a school

Students at Northeast High were eager to create a mural in tribute to their school. The challenge was answering a basic question: What should the images be?

Fare brings fresh, organic food to the table

Realizing the shifting attitude in Fairmount, and the city as a whole, the new Fare restaurant along Fairmount Avenue boasts a purely organic kitchen.

NE health center gets a new name

City Council has voted to rename Public Health Center 10, at 2230 Cottman Ave., as “District Health Center No. 10, the Judge Edward B. Rosenberg Center.”

Letters to the editor, June 9, 2011

Protecting the neighborhood

Unhappy with the violence in Northern Liberties, business owners and residents are trying to install security cameras to help keep a watchful eye on the area.

Local teacher gets high praise

Although she has not won just yet, Kim Gavin, from Cramp Elementary, is one of nine finalists for the School District’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Study says cash flows from water

A recent study signaling the recovery of Philadelphia’s waterways could mean significant investments to the waterfront in Bridesburg.

Feeding Fishtown what Fishtown wants

New Brindle Cafe along Girard has a menu based on local tastes, requests.

Reward, second suspect announced in Trax murder

Quasheam Richburg, who was twice arrested for violent criminal behavior and illegal possession of a weapon — and twice let free when witnesses failed to appear in court — is now sought in connection with the early morning robbery and murder of a 50-year-old clerk at Trax Foods store in Kensington South.

Fairmount actress takes on challenging role

Wendy Staton recalled her reaction when she first saw ’Night, Mother performed on the stage. “It had my heart beating,” she said. “I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”