Doc explains strides in cancer care

Dr. Adam Ber­ger spoke about cur­rent and de­vel­op­ing ad­vances in sur­gic­al can­cer-care tech­niques at a Great­er North­east Phil­adelphia Cham­ber of Com­merce break­fast meet­ing at Naz­areth Hos­pit­al.

Ber­ger is a gradu­ate of the New York Uni­versity School of Medi­cine. His res­id­ency was in gen­er­al sur­gery at the Uni­versity of Mary­land Med­ic­al Cen­ter. He had a fel­low­ship in sur­gic­al on­co­logy at Fox Chase Can­cer Cen­ter.

The doc­tor has been prac­ti­cing for five years. His areas of spe­cial in­terest are gastrointest­in­al ma­lig­nan­cies, pan­cre­at­ic can­cer, melan­oma and breast can­cer. He sees pa­tients from ad­oles­cents through geri­at­rics at Naz­areth.

As for breast can­cer, Ber­ger said one in sev­en Amer­ic­an wo­men is dia­gnosed with the dis­ease. There has been a 30-per­cent de­crease in deaths since 1990, when the coun­try in­creased the use of mam­mo­graphy screen­ings.

“We’re find­ing can­cers earli­er and earli­er,” he said.

To pre­vent melan­oma, Ber­ger re­com­mends wear­ing wide-brimmed hats, avoid­ing tan­ning salons and us­ing a sun pro­tec­tion factor (SPF) of 30. He re­com­mends ap­ply­ing sun­screen a half-hour be­fore go­ing in­to the sun and re­apply­ing it after go­ing in a pool or the ocean.

“It’s just a mat­ter of be­ing smart,” he said. ••

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