Tacony couple held on drug, prostitution charges

Phil­adelphia po­lice in­vest­ig­at­ing a sus­pec­ted house of pros­ti­tu­tion in Ta­cony got a bo­nus last Thursday — they also made a drug bust there.

A man and a wo­man are now fa­cing pros­ti­tu­tion and drug-re­lated crim­in­al charges.

Neigh­bor­hood com­plaints promp­ted mem­bers of the city­wide vice unit to launch a sting in­volving a house at 4119 Prin­ceton Ave., said Of­ficer Christine O’Bri­en, a po­lice spokes­wo­man. An un­der­cov­er of­ficer went to the house on Thursday at about 2 p.m. and al­legedly was offered sex in ex­change for money.

Dur­ing a sub­sequent search of the prop­erty, po­lice al­legedly found 56 bags of heroin, five pack­ets of crack co­caine, vari­ous pre­scrip­tion pills and drug paraphernalia. Of­ficers also seized $2,300 in sus­pec­ted crim­in­al pro­ceeds and paraphernalia as­so­ci­ated with pros­ti­tu­tion activ­it­ies.

Two res­id­ents of the house were ar­res­ted. Jes­sica Pop­per, 25, was charged with pros­ti­tu­tion, crim­in­al so­li­cit­a­tion and crim­in­al con­spir­acy. Enoch Smith, 34, was charged with con­spir­acy, pro­mot­ing pros­ti­tu­tion, drug pos­ses­sion, pos­ses­sion with in­tent to de­liv­er and pos­sess­ing drug paraphernalia.

Pop­per pre­vi­ously pleaded no con­test to pros­ti­tu­tion-re­lated charges in con­nec­tion with an April 2010 ar­rest and was sen­tenced to one year pro­ba­tion. 

Smith was con­victed of tres­passing and stalk­ing in 2004 and sen­tenced to up to 23 months in pris­on. In 2002, he was con­victed of theft and con­spir­acy and sen­tenced to up to 23 months in pris­on. 

He also re­ceived three years pro­ba­tion for an auto-theft-re­lated con­vic­tion in 1996. ••

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