Editorial: Look, up in the sky!

The pride of the Far North­east, Chris Fer­guson, is go­ing back in­to space on Fri­day, and folks every­where, from his ho­met­own in North­east Philly to Walla Walla, Wash., should wish com­mand­er Fer­guson and his co-as­tro­nauts well on their 12-day mis­sion in the great blue yon­der.

Their space­ship, the At­lantis, will blast off from Cape Canaver­al for NASA’s fi­nal space shuttle mis­sion. Noth­ing could be finer than to have a loc­al boy at the helm of this his­tor­ic mo­ment in time.

While the bil­lions of dol­lars spent on ex­plor­ing the out­er lim­its and bey­ond could be bet­ter spent on oth­er things back here in the great USA — end­ing poverty and pol­lu­tion, im­prov­ing the ac­cess to qual­ity edu­ca­tion and health care for leg­al res­id­ents, to name a few — Mr. Fer­guson’s mis­sion and the en­tire space pro­gram play a cru­cial role in Amer­ic­an his­tory. Without space ex­plor­a­tion, for in­stance, there would be no space sta­tion and no com­mu­nic­a­tion satel­lites that have im­proved the qual­ity of life on Earth.

On the dis­tant ho­ri­zon, the pro­spect of colon­ies on the moon and trips to Mars of­fers hints that a brave new world awaits our suc­cessors on Earth — and Chris Fer­guson is help­ing to make it hap­pen.

* * *

Mem­bers of the jury that on Tues­day found Flor­ida air­head Ca­sey An­thony not guilty of mur­der­ing her 2-year-old daugh­ter prob­ably took their cues from the jur­ies that in 1995 found O.J. Simpson not guilty of murder and last year spared the worth­less life of con­victed cop killer Rasheed Scrugs. Nobody ever said justice is al­ways just. 

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