Football camp in Frankford helps local youth win big

The Youth De­vel­op­ment Ment­or­ing Pro­gram re­cently cel­eb­rated the 2011 gradu­ation ce­re­mony for the Youth De­vel­op­ment Speed and Agil­ity Foot­ball Camp, a six-week train­ing pro­gram that taught foot­ball ba­sics to chil­dren in the Frank­ford com­munity. Curtis “Boo­nah” Brinkley, of the NFL’s San Diego Char­gers, was a sur­prise spe­cial guest at the event, which was held at the Frank­ford Char­gers Field on Ju­ly 13. Only in its second year, the Speed and Agil­ity Foot­ball Camp has built a sol­id repu­ta­tion throughout the North­east. This year’s camp in­cluded 120 ath­letes ages 5 through 13. In ad­di­tion to foot­ball drills, the camp offered com­pre­hens­ive char­ac­ter build­ing with em­phas­is on aca­dem­ics, dis­cip­line, re­spect, ded­ic­a­tion, team­work and lead­er­ship.

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