Your generosity is giving others a happy holiday

An­oth­er hol­i­day sea­son is at hand, just more than two weeks away, and it’s an­oth­er hol­i­day sea­son when read­ers of the North­east Times have again been so com­pas­sion­ate and caring in help­ing us to provide tur­key din­ners and presents to people in need in our re­gion.

Read­er con­tri­bu­tions have been ac­com­plish­ing this for a long time now, 56 years, through our an­nu­al Elean­or Smylie Com­munity Fund, named in hon­or of the late Times own­er and chair­wo­man who star­ted the char­it­able en­deavor all those years ago.

This sea­son’s con­tri­bu­tions have amoun­ted to more than $5,000 — and are still ar­riv­ing in the mail — en­abling us to provide nour­ish­ing meals and presents to people in need who wer­en’t sure they’d be able to give their fam­il­ies a happy and blessed Christ­mas.

Once again, the gen­er­os­ity of North­east Times read­ers has made this pos­sible, bright­en­ing the hol­i­day for people who truly need a help­ing hand. We will con­tin­ue to pub­lish the names of con­trib­ut­ors un­til all have been ac­know­ledged. If you’d prefer to re­main an­onym­ous, that’s fine.

We’d like to thank these latest con­trib­ut­ors to the fund:

• An­onym­ous: $40

• An­onym­ous: $50

• The “7” Cats: Sug­ar, Snooz­er, Cot­ton, Root­beer, Ne­fer­ritte, Moth­er and Rocco: $7

• Far North­east Seni­or Cit­izens Inc.: $50

• Ox­ford Bever­age: $1,000

• Kath­leen Per­petua: $50

• Vir­gin­ia Rinins­land: $25

• A.M. Ross Aux­il­i­ary #1 Sons of Uni­on Vet­er­ans of the Civil War: $50

• Joseph Sands: $50

• The Stech­ers: $40

• Mary Tor­i­ello: $10

• Pat Walder: $25

• In memory of my dad, Chalie Camp­bell. Love and miss you. Love, Christine: $10

• In memory of Michele J. Ler­ario-Kirn: $50

• In memory of Cath­er­ine Sper­anzo: $25

This week’s con­tri­bu­tions: $1,482

Amount for­ward: $3,707

Total to date: $5,189

You can reach at

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