Editorial: A really big show

Is Don­ald Trump for real? For­tu­nately, yes.

Adding to a very en­ter­tain­ing sea­son of real­ity TV star­ring the Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial can­did­ates, The Don­ald is go­ing to serve as “mod­er­at­or” of an­oth­er in a series of ump­teen de­bates in­volving the men and wo­man who want to be The One to send Amer­ica’s first biracial pres­id­ent in­to re­tire­ment next year.

The Trump de­bate, sched­uled for Dec. 27, is a farce, of course. Mr. Trump is as qual­i­fied to serve as a mod­er­at­or as Texas Gov. Rick Perry is to serve as a mod­el mem­ber of Mensa, or Newt Gin­grich is to head the Geor­gia chapter of Faith­ful Hus­bands An­onym­ous.

In con­trast to the dozen or so tele­vised GOP pres­id­en­tial de­bates that have been held thus far in this pre­lude to the Iowa caucuses and New Hamp­shire primary, the Trump de­bate is likely to be heavy on style and light on sub­stance. For evid­ence, look at Mr. Trump’s stated in­ten­tion to de­cide which can­did­ate will be lucky enough to get his coveted en­dorse­ment right after the de­bate.

The Trump de­bate is so ri­dicu­lous that three can­did­ates are boy­cot­ting the Trump fiasco — Ron Paul, the crack­pot con­gress­man from Texas; Wil­lard Mitt Rom­ney, the man with two sides to every story; and Jon Hunts­man, the former gov­ernor of Utah and am­bas­sad­or to China who clearly will be Pres­id­ent Obama’s toughest chal­lenger if Re­pub­lic­an voters are smart enough to nom­in­ate him.

Don­ald Trump must be good for something oth­er than flaunt­ing his tons of money. Maybe the FBI should launch a full in­vest­ig­a­tion of his sur­real hair. Who knows — a few more of Her­man Cain’s lady friends might just be hid­ing up there. ••

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