Archdiocese to Disclose Panel's School Finding

The Arch­diocese of Phil­adelphia is ex­pec­ted to pub­licly an­nounce the find­ings of its blue-rib­bon com­mis­sion on edu­ca­tion dur­ing a 4 p.m. news con­fer­ence on Fri­day, Jan. 6.

Earli­er that day, from 10 a.m. to noon, the 16-mem­ber com­mis­sion will re­lease its re­com­mend­a­tions in front of par­ish pas­tors and school pres­id­ents and prin­cipals dur­ing a meet­ing at Neu­mann Uni­versity in As­ton, Delaware County.

Those ad­min­is­trat­ors pre­sum­ably will have time to re­veal the in­form­a­tion to staff and stu­dents be­fore the news con­fer­ence. The re­com­mend­a­tions will be pos­ted on­line that day.

The Rev. Charles J. Chaput, arch­bish­op of Phil­adelphia, will re­view the find­ings. He re­cently wrote a let­ter that was read at Mass that “many” schools in Phil­adelphia and the sub­urbs might have to close or com­bine be­cause of de­clin­ing en­roll­ment.

There are 156 arch­dioces­an schools in Phil­adelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Mont­gomery counties. Sev­en­teen of those schools are in the North­east.

Since 2003, the arch­diocese has closed five loc­al schools: Ma­ter Dol­orosa and St. Joachim in Frank­ford, St. Bartho­lomew in Wissi­nom­ing, St. Leo in Ta­cony and St. Bern­ard in East May­fair.

There are 17 arch­dioces­an high schools. North Cath­ol­ic and Car­din­al Dougherty closed in 2010. ••

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