Letters to the Editor: December 28, 2011

Free­dom of choice for re­li­gious shop­pers

Re­gard­ing last week’s let­ter by Judy Brock of Park­wood: Merry Christ­mas! This is Amer­ica. You can use whatever hol­i­day greet­ing or no greet­ing you want.

The war on re­li­gion and the war on Christ­mas ex­ist only in the ima­gin­a­tions of re­li­gious con­ser­vat­ives. Who’s been telling you it’s OK to say “Happy Ha­nukkah” or “Happy Kwan­zaa” but not say “Merry Christ­mas”? Names, please. I pity the fool who’s try­ing to change your way of life!

Ms. Brock is free to not pat­ron­ize any store that does not have “Merry Christ­mas” signs, ban­ners, whatever.

As has been poin­ted out in­nu­mer­able times, it’s strange that people de­cry the com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion of Christ­mas while at the same time pla­cing great stock in $tores hav­ing all the right re­li­giously cor­rect Christ­mas dec­or­a­tions. Merry Com­merce to you, too!

Howard J. Wilk


It’s time to even the score at City Coun­cil

Re­gard­ing his let­ter in the Dec. 14 edi­tion, Downs­iz­ing should be on Coun­cil’s agenda, I agree with Mr. Jerry Foglia 200 per­cent. You must start at the top to trim the fat. There should be term lim­its for Coun­cil mem­bers, not lifers. Re­tire one day, then come back to work? That’s just greed!

Three-month va­ca­tions? Come on, man, some work­ing people with fam­il­ies get no va­ca­tion. And, there are too many staff mem­bers — it goes on and on.

Voters must wake up and vote out the lifers! The hard-work­ing men and wo­men just keep work­ing and give, give, give. It’s time to even things out.

Bri­an Cook


Why no Chris­ti­an sym­bols at shop­ping cen­ter?

I have been a res­id­ent of the area sur­round­ing the Bustleton-Somer­ton Shop­ping Cen­ter for al­most 20 years. Dur­ing this time I have not seen one Chris­ti­an sym­bol dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son to com­mem­or­ate same. I have seen dur­ing the 20 years I have lived here, Jew­ish sym­bols of the hol­i­day sea­son.

What have we here? At the Bustleton-Somer­ton Shop­ping Cen­ter, an own­er of the shop­ping cen­ter un­will­ing to erect Chris­ti­an hol­i­day sea­son sym­bols, and by do­ing so with the Jew­ish hol­i­day sym­bols like the Star of Dav­id, but no sym­bol of the Chris­ti­an re­li­gion like the cross?

I think all the Chris­ti­ans who shop at the Bustleton-Somer­ton Shop­ping Cen­ter need to stop do­ing so un­til the own­er of the shop­ping cen­ter comes to his senses and stops dis­crim­in­at­ing against his Chris­ti­an cus­tom­ers and apo­lo­gizes for the dis­crim­in­a­tion he has de­lib­er­ately sus­tained for the last 20 years, don’t you?

To all the area res­id­ents, I want to wish all a very happy hol­i­day sea­son.

Howard Hall


Anti-gay let­ter irks this read­er

Re­gard­ing Wil­li­am Wal­ters’ let­ter in the Dec. 14 edi­tion (Stop ho­mo­sexu­al­ity): How dare you pre­tend “Chris­ti­ans” throw that evil book (Bible) in the faces of the in­tel­li­gent, ra­tion­al thinkers!! I just read your short, in­ane, mis­guided let­ter, and I’m al­most foam­ing at the mouth from read­ing this idiocy.

If you want to talk about what the Bible states, then let us not gloss over the idea that it also de­mands the ston­ing (to death) of ho­mo­sexu­als, id­olat­ers, adulter­ers, and mis­be­haved chil­dren. This col­lec­tion of mundane sand scrib­blings con­dones slavery, for­bids the eat­ing of par­tic­u­lar foods (i.e., pig and shell­fish), and pro­hib­its long hair on men, pier­cings and tat­toos.

It’s hard to fathom, but I’m think­ing you’re ac­tu­ally be­ing ser­i­ous with your bab­blings. Do your­self a fa­vor and ac­tu­ally read the book that you pre­tend to wor­ship. The pleth­ora of evil and con­tra­dic­tions is not only mind numb­ing, but it is ac­tu­ally the main reas­on I’m an [mor­al, law-abid­ing, non-hate­ful] athe­ist. See more at: ht­tp://www.evil­bible.com 

Mi­chael Al­ex­an­der


A double dose of grat­it­ude

To the good, hon­est per­son who found my driver’s li­cense and Medi­care card and placed them in my mail­box, thank you so much. I lost them on the Route 18 bus or when I got off at St. Vin­cent Street and Rising Sun Av­en­ue.

I hope you have a won­der­ful hol­i­day sea­son, who­ever you are.

Gor­don Hol­ley


• • •

Con­grat­u­la­tions and a word of thanks to the stu­dent ment­ors of City Year that I en­counter on the SEPTA Route 67 bus. These 14 un­sung her­oes are a breath of fresh air and are true role mod­els for the stu­dents of Fels High School.

They are the young people who wear red jack­ets who self­lessly teach the stu­dents to be civil lead­ers. Again, thanks, City Year!

Kev­in P Kenna


Speak your mind  …

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