Story Archive December 21 2011

It’s a medical miracle

Thwarted in its efforts to expand into Burholme Park, the Fox Chase Cancer Center enters a partnership with Temple’s health system. Both sides love the deal.

2nd dist. cops losing patience with parking in school zones

Philadelphia’s police officers can be very unsympathetic when people do things that are stupid as well as illegal — especially if someone gives them some lip, too.

Students can vie for Rotary scholarships

The Rotary Club of Northeast Sunrisers and the Gundaker Foundation of Rotary District 7450 are offering scholarships to selected students who will be college juniors and seniors during the 2012-13 academic year.

Writings on the wall

Fishtown native Lois Mida Skalamera has found strength in art. She overcame a drug addiction, and is now using her troubled past as inspiration for the future.

Displaying their 'Private Lives'

For its current holiday production, the Lantern Theater Company is presenting Noel Coward’s romantic comedy, Private Lives. Performances continue through Dec. 31. 

Face tattoos: Always uncool

There are people in this city who look at tattoo guns and say to themselves, “Yes, I want that to drill images into my cheek.” 

Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly brews

“They who drink beer will think beer.” — Washington Irving

Walking in an urban wonderland

In Center City, sightseeing tours usually are reserved for visitors to the City of Brotherly Love. 

Officers discuss local crime statistics at town hall meeting

The police department shared some end-of-the-year neighborhood crime statistics by holding a Dec. 13 town hall meeting for Police Service Area 3 (PSA3) of the 26th Police District.

‘Girl With Dragon Tattoo’ is a thrilling ride

Some people never watch foreign films, no matter how good they may be. An English-language adaptation can open a movie to a wider audience, which is precisely the case with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.