Watch out for a bogus PECO guy in 7th district

A man pos­ing as a PECO em­ploy­ee has been try­ing to scam sens­it­ive per­son­al in­form­a­tion from res­id­ents of the 7th Po­lice Dis­trict, ac­cord­ing to Phil­adelphia po­lice Capt. Joseph Zaffino.

In a mes­sage dis­trib­uted Dec. 6 through the ReadyNo­ti­fyPA sys­tem, Zaffino — the com­mand­ing of­ficer of the 7th dis­trict — warned res­id­ents about the scam artist and ad­vised them to call 911 im­me­di­ately if they see him. Res­id­ents should not con­front the man.

The un­known man has been act­ive in the Somer­ton sec­tion, spe­cific­ally in the area of Philmont Av­en­ue, at least since Dec. 1, ac­cord­ing to re­ports re­ceived by po­lice.

The man has been de­scribed as a “young black male” wear­ing a suit and tie, along with a “PECO badge,” po­lice say. Wit­nesses also have de­scribed him as “well-groomed” and “edu­cated.”

Typ­ic­ally, he knocks on the door of a home, iden­ti­fies him­self as a PECO em­ploy­ee and asks to in­spect the res­id­ent’s latest PECO in­voice. He tells the res­id­ent that the bill may con­tain ex­cess­ive charges, which he can have re­versed.

Ac­cord­ing to Zaffino, PECO or oth­er util­ity com­pan­ies gen­er­ally do not so­li­cit door-to-door. So any un­sched­uled vis­its should cause sus­pi­cion. Res­id­ents should not en­gage in con­ver­sa­tion with the man and, after call­ing 911, may wish to con­tact their util­ity com­pany to re­port the in­cid­ent. ••

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