Editorial: Die, Mumia, die

Wes­ley Cook, bet­ter known as Mu­mia Abu-Jamal, did the dirti­est deed of all. He killed a Philly cop in cold blood. Now, 30 in­sane years after he shot Of­ficer Daniel Faulkner in the face, Abu-Jamal is, quite lit­er­ally, get­ting away with murder.

After three dec­ades of court battles and love­fests for Abu-Jamal by bleed­ing-heart, lib­er­al cow­ards from Hol­ly­wood and oth­er know-noth­ing big mouths who des­pise the death pen­alty — in­clud­ing Phil­adelphia In­quirer colum­nist An­nette John-Hall, who finds ra­cism in every fiber of life — Phil­adelphia Dis­trict At­tor­ney Seth Wil­li­ams last week caved in to crim­in­al in­justice by an­noun­cing he would aban­don ef­forts to put Abu-Jamal to death for his deadly sins.

All this be­cause a few judges on fed­er­al ap­peals courts — who seem to have a per­son­al bi­as against cap­it­al pun­ish­ment — cited a leg­al loop­hole in strik­ing down Abu-Jamal’s death sen­tence, and Mr. Wil­li­ams re­fuses to seek a new sen­ten­cing hear­ing. In­stead, he says Abu-Jamal, 57, should spend the rest of his life in pris­on.

The city’s chief pro­sec­utor is talk­ing out of both sides of his mouth. He sup­ports the death pen­alty and knows Abu-Jamal is guilty of first-de­gree murder — there’s no ques­tion that Abu-Jamal did it — yet Mr. Wil­li­ams is not ful­filling his duty to pur­sue justice. He should con­tin­ue the quest to im­pose the ul­ti­mate pen­alty for the ul­ti­mate crime. Cold-blooded mur­der­ers take the lives of in­no­cent people and de­serve a dose of their own medi­cine.

Life in pris­on, as hor­rible as that may be, is just too good for pathet­ic, sub-hu­man filth like Mu­mia Abu-Jamal. ••

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