Irene serves delay in GOP clambake

The an­nu­al Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee clam­bake was post­poned Sunday be­cause of the ef­fects of Hur­ricane Irene.

The out­door fest­iv­al has been res­ched­uled for Sat­urday, Sept. 10, from 4 to 8 p.m., at Cannstat­ter’s, at 9130 Academy Road.

The gath­er­ing usu­ally at­tracts about 1,000 people. The guest list is ex­pec­ted to in­clude can­did­ates in this year’s elec­tion and Re­pub­lic­ans eye­ing runs against U.S. Sen. Bob Ca­sey Jr. next year.

Ad­mis­sion costs $100 and in­cludes bever­ages, food and en­ter­tain­ment by the Mum­mers, an Elvis Pres­ley trib­ute artist and a disc jockey.

Every­one in at­tend­ance will have the chance to par­ti­cip­ate in a pres­id­en­tial straw poll sponsored by the North­east Times.

The straw poll bal­lot will in­clude the names of the 11 an­nounced ma­jor can­did­ates for the 2012 Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial nom­in­a­tion.

The can­did­ates are Gov. Rick Perry of Texas; former Govs. Buddy Roe­mer of Louisi­ana, Jon Hunts­man of Utah, Mitt Rom­ney of Mas­sachu­setts and Gary John­son of New Mex­ico; former Sen. Rick San­tor­um of Pennsylvania; former House Speak­er Newt Gin­grich of Geor­gia; Reps. Michele Bach­mann of Min­nesota, Ron Paul of Texas and Thad­deus Mc­Cot­ter of Michigan; and busi­ness­man and polit­ic­al com­ment­at­or Her­man Cain of Geor­gia. There will also be space for a write-in vote.

Tick­ets for the clam­bake are avail­able at the door or in ad­vance by call­ing the Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee at 215-561-0650. 


The lineup for the Nov. 8 mu­ni­cip­al elec­tion has been fi­nal­ized, now that chal­lenges to in­de­pend­ent and third-party can­did­ates have been de­cided.

Act­iv­ist Wali Rah­man, also known as Di­op Olug­bala, will join May­or Mi­chael Nut­ter and Re­pub­lic­an Kar­en Brown on the bal­lot for may­or.

Rah­man, an in­de­pend­ent, is run­ning on a plat­form of an elec­ted school board, great­er rights for street vendors, an end to the po­lice de­part­ment’s stop-and-frisk policy, op­pos­i­tion to what he calls the “gentri­fic­a­tion” of North Phil­adelphia by Temple Uni­versity, man­dat­ory jobs for people re­leased from pris­on, in­vest­ment in black and Latino busi­nesses and the re­lease of Mu­mia Abu-Jamal, con­victed of killing po­lice of­ficer Daniel Faulkner.

Cheri Honkala, a long­time home­less ad­voc­ate, will run for sher­iff as a Green Party can­did­ate. She’ll face Demo­crat Jew­ell Wil­li­ams and Re­pub­lic­an Joshua West.

Richard John­son has joined the race for an at-large City Coun­cil seat. In all, 11 can­did­ates are vy­ing for sev­en seats.

In­cum­bent Demo­crats Blondell Reyn­olds Brown, Bill Green, Bill Green­lee, Wilson Goode Jr. and Jim Ken­ney are vir­tu­al shoo-ins.

The fi­nal two seats will likely go to the Re­pub­lic­ans. The can­did­ates are Dav­id Oh, Den­nis O’Bri­en, Joe Mc­Col­gan, Al Tauben­ber­ger and Mi­chael Un­ter­mey­er. ••

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