Editorial: Summer thaw

Don’t let the back-to-school ads fool you. Au­gust is still an in­fant and sum­mer’s only half over. The U.S. gov­ern­ment has fi­nally (tem­por­ar­ily) solved its debt-ceil­ing crisis, so for the time be­ing things at the fed­er­al level are dull­s­ville.

Aside from an oc­ca­sion­al flash mob of gangs of par­ent­less pipsqueaks ter­ror­iz­ing folks in Cen­ter City, all is quiet on the home front. Of course, some mem­bers of Phil­adelphia City Coun­cil are pon­der­ing re­dis­trict­ing while they en­joy their three-month sum­mer re­cess, but for the most part, there’s plenty of sum­mer calm be­fore the storm.

When Coun­cil’s over­paid, un­der­worked mem­bers fi­nally do re­turn to work some­time in mid-Septem­ber, they’ll be think­ing about get­ting re-elec­ted on Nov. 8. But every Coun­cil can­did­ate — in­cum­bents and po­ten­tial new­comers alike — should be spend­ing some of their lazy, hazy days of sum­mer think­ing about who they will pick to suc­ceed the re­tir­ing Anna Ver­na as pres­id­ent.

One thing is cer­tain: The new pres­id­ent should NOT be Mari­an Tasco. The long­time 9th dis­trict coun­cil­wo­man has en­rolled in the wildly un­pop­u­lar DROP re­tire­ment pro­gram and will col­lect $478,000 in Janu­ary after sta­ging a fake, one-day re­tire­ment. Yes, she’s run­ning for re-elec­tion and is vir­tu­ally guar­an­teed to win in Novem­ber be­cause the spine­less Re­pub­lic­an Party has not bothered to re­cruit a can­did­ate to chal­lenge her.

Let’s make one thing per­fectly clear: For the gen­er­al elec­tion, the North­east Times will not en­dorse any City Coun­cil can­did­ate who re­fuses to rule out vot­ing for Tasco for pres­id­ent when the new Coun­cil con­venes in Janu­ary.

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