Trips (August 4, 2011)


GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Oct. 1. New York. Pack­age in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, free time, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” and din­ner in New York. Re­serve by Aug. 5. 215-722-4497, 215-722-8825.

JEANES HOS­PIT­AL AUX­IL­I­ARY Nov. 29. New York. $130, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, free time for shop­ping, Ra­dio City Christ­mas show and din­ner at Mas­tori’s Res­taur­ant. Lunch on your own in Rock­e­feller Cen­ter. Re­ser­va­tions and $40 de­pos­it due by Aug. 6. 215-379-4686.

CROUT ME­MORI­AL SCHOL­AR­SHIP PRO­GRAM Dec. 4. New York. $190, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, snacks on the bus, free time, lunch at Car­mine’s and “Billy El­li­ott.” A dona­tion will be made to the Ju­ni­ata Golf Found­a­tion in memory of Bob Crout. A $100 de­pos­it is due by Aug. 7. 215-543-9870.

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Oct. 22. New York. Pack­age in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, free time, either “Any­thing Goes” or “Sis­ter Act” and din­ner in New York. Re­serve by Aug. 7. 215-722-4497, 215-722-8825.

KLEIN JCC Aug. 7 to 9. Cent­ral New York state. Pack­age in­cludes Glim­mer Glass Theatre Fest­iv­al on Ote­sego Lake with back­stage tour, vis­it to Base­ball Hall of Fame in Cooper­stown, stop at Fen­imore Art Mu­seum, four meals and more. Mem­bers $725 (double), non-mem­bers $755 (double). 215-698-7300, Ext. 114.

GOLDEN FRIENDS Sept. 12 to 16. Pinegrove Dude Ranch. $366 (double), in­cludes cock­tail hour, meals, shows, daily activ­it­ies and more. Fi­nal pay­ment due by Aug. 10. 215-335-2287.

CHAI/BEN ZVI HA­DASSAH Aug. 14. Bris­tol River­side Theatre. $35, in­cludes tick­et to “Lights Up on Broad­way.” Meal on your own. 215-673-4624.

TLA FEASTERVILLE Aug. 16. Shawnee on Delaware. $66, in­cludes tour of wa­ter gap, trol­ley ride, vis­it to Coun­try Kettle and candy demon­stra­tion. Dine at Strouds­moor Coun­try Inn. 215-598-3227.

FRIENDS OF TOR­RES­DALE LIB­RARY Aug. 19. Cam­den River­sharks game at Camp­bell’s Field, 401 N. Delaware Ave., Cam­den, N.J. $11. 1-866-SHARKS-9 or go to www.river­ and click on Fun­drais­ing Pro­gram log-in icon, enter code “BOOKS,” click buy and se­lect seats.

FRIENDS OF FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Aug. 23. Day in Lan­caster County. $70, in­cludes vis­its to In­ter­course Can­ning Com­pany, Na­tion­al Christ­mas Cen­ter, Good ’n Plenty Res­taur­ant and Old Coun­try Store and Quilt Mu­seum. 215-498-5908 or e-mail friendsfox­chaselib­rary@ve­r­i­

GIB­BONS ATH­LET­IC AS­SO­CI­ATION Nov. 19. New York. Pack­age in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, Ra­dio City Christ­mas show fea­tur­ing the Rock­ettes in 3-D and two-hour lunch­eon cruise. Re­serve by Aug. 25. 215-722-4497, 215-722-8825.

JEANES HOS­PIT­AL AUX­IL­I­ARY Oct. 4. Penn’s Peak and Jim Thorpe. $85, in­cludes bus, fam­ily-style lunch­eon and mu­sic­al mat­in­ee per­form­ance of “From Bran­son to the Blue Moun­tains” at Penn’s Peak and shop­ping time in Jim Thorpe. Pay­ment due by Sept. 3. 215-379-4686.

ST. JEROME’S (JEMS) Sept. 10. Eight-day cruise to Canada and New Eng­land from New York. Prices from $1,162. Pass­ports are re­quired. 215-333-2785, 215-338-3787, 215-743-1035.

ST. WIL­LI­AM SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Sept. 11 to 15. Wild­wood, N.J. $395 double oc­cu­pancy, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions at a board­walk motel, meals, activ­it­ies and trans­port­a­tion. 215-725-5697.

FRIENDS OF FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Sept. 13. Gettys­burg. $75, in­cludes Cyc­lorama, lunch at Dob­bin House and Gettys­burg bat­tle­field tour. 215-498-5908, friendsfox­chaselib­rary@ve­r­i­

MA­TER­NITY BVM SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Oct. 31. Honky Tonk Hal­loween at Roy­al Man­or. $81, in­cludes live en­ter­tain­ment, four-course fam­ily-style feast and bar drink of your choice. Re­serve by Sept. 15. 215-342-5038.

ALL SAINTS YOUNG AT HEART Sept. 18 to 24. Moun­tain es­cape trip. Pack­age in­cludes vis­it to Bilt­more Man­sion, Ashville, N.C. and train ride. 215-637-3808.

CORA SER­VICES Sept. 19. Cit­izens Bank Park. See Phil­lies vs. St. Louis Car­din­als. $40, in­cludes tick­et in sec­tion 422 be­hind home plate and bus to and from game. 215-701-2524, pcampel­lone@coraser­

ST. JEROME’S SENI­OR CIT­IZENS (JEMS) Sept. 20 to 23. Ver­mont. $475 double oc­cu­pancy, in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions, three con­tin­ent­al break­fasts, lunch at Trapp Fam­ily Lodge, two din­ners and more. 215-333-2785, 215-743-1035, 215-338-3787.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB Sept. 22 to 24. Ad­iron­dack Bal­loon Fest­iv­al, New York. $449 (per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy), in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, ac­com­mod­a­tions at Geor­gi­an Re­sort in Lake George, three meals, lake cruise, bal­loon fest­iv­al and more. 215-742-3898, 215-658-1050.

TLA FEASTERVILLE Sept. 22. Toby’s Din­ner Theatre. $76, in­cludes din­ner and “Dream Girls.” 215-598-3227.

MA­TER­NITY BVM SENI­ORS AND MAKIN’ MEMOR­IES WITH CAYE Sept. 26 to 29. Wild­wood, N.J. $289 (per per­son, double), in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, ac­com­mod­a­tions at Aqua Beach Hotel, six meals, en­ter­tain­ment, side trips to At­lantic City, Cape May and more. 215-342-5038.

ST. JEROME’S SENI­ORS (JEMS) Nov. 29. Hun­ter­don Hills Din­ner Theat­er. $80, in­cludes Christ­mas show, sit-down din­ner and dessert buf­fet. Re­serve by Sept. 30. 215-338-3787, 215-743-1035, 215-333-2785.

ST. KATH­AR­INE DREXEL NA­TION­AL SHRINE Sept. 30 to Oct. 2. Seneca Falls, N.Y. Pil­grim­age to St. Kath­ar­ine Drexel’s in­duc­tion in­to the Wo­men’s Hall of Fame. Trip also in­cludes Mass and tour of Blessed Ka­teri Shrine and vis­it to North Amer­ic­an Mar­tyrs Shrine. 215-244-9900, Ext. 380.

ALL SAINTS YOUNG AT HEART Oct. 2. Cape May, N.J. Pack­age in­cludes lunch at But­ter­fly Tea Room and vis­it to Smithville. 215-637-3808.

ST. JEROME LADIES GUILD Oct. 2. Ber­muda. Sev­en-night cruise on Hol­land Amer­ica’s Veen­dam from New York. 856-829-0993, 215-742-1866.

TLA FEASTERVILLE Oct. 4. Sight and Sound. $88, in­cludes “Joseph” and lunch at Shady Maple. 215-598-3227.

ST. WIL­LI­AM’S SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Oct. 4. Wash­ing­ton, D.C., River Tour. $85, in­cludes nar­rated cruise on the Po­tom­ac River and lunch at Phil­lips Sea­food Res­taur­ant. 215-725-5697.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB Nov. 8. Amer­ic­an Mu­sic Theat­er. $85, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, driver’s tip, lunch and shop­ping at Shady Maple and Christ­mas show at theat­er. Pay­ment due by Oct. 5. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

WO­MEN’S CLUB OF LAWN­CREST AND EL­LEN’S TRAVEL April 21, 2012. New York. $189, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion and “Sis­ter Act.” Lunch on your own be­fore the show. Din­ner on your own at Mas­tori’s. De­pos­it of $75 due by Oct. 5. 267-546-7786.

ST. MARTHA SENI­ORS Oct. 12. Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pa. $78, in­cludes “Por­trait of Sinatra.” 215-637-9522.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB AND BEN­S­ALEM SENI­OR CEN­TER April 24 to May 2, 2012. Bran­son, Mo. $999 per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy. Pack­age in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions in Colum­bus, Ohio, area, Har­rah’s Casino in St. Louis and Cas­cades Lodge in Bran­son; nine shows; sight­see­ing tours; and more. De­pos­it of $100 is due Oct. 15. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

FOX CHASE TRAVEL CLUB Oct. 16 to 19. In­di­an Head Re­sort, New Hamp­shire. $599 (per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy), in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, ac­com­mod­a­tions, sev­en meals, en­ter­tain­ment, sight­see­ing and more. 215-742-3898, 215-884-3820.

WO­MEN’S CLUB OF LAWN­CREST Oct. 22. Cape May, N.J. $80, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, lunch at Lob­ster House, trol­ley tour of his­tor­ic dis­trict, shop­ping time and self-guided tour of Em­len Physick Es­tate. 267-546-7786.

FRIENDS OF FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Oct. 25. Hagley Mu­seum and Lib­rary. $70, in­cludes guided tour and lunch. 215-498-5908 or e-mail friendsfox­chaselib­rary@ve­r­i­

TLA RHAWN­HURST Oct. 31 to Nov. 4. Villa Roma. $480 per per­son (double), in­cludes ac­com­mod­a­tions, Itali­an fest­iv­al, meals, cock­tail party, en­ter­tain­ment, cook­ing classes and more. 215-338-0189.

VO­GT SENI­ORS Oct. 31 to Nov. 4. Villa Roma Re­sort (New York). $480 (double), in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, meals, wine and cheese party, San Gen­naro party, daily activ­it­ies and more. 215-332-2554.

ALL SAINTS YOUNG AT HEART Nov. 5 to 10. Ber­muda cruise from New Jer­sey. $629 (double). 215-637-3808.

MARLYN FEIN CHAPTER OF FOX CHASE CAN­CER CEN­TER Nov. 7 to 11. San Ant­o­nio, Texas. $1,499 (per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy), in­cludes air­fare, ac­com­mod­a­tions, sev­en meals, vis­its to the Alamo, LBJ ranch and more. 215-728-4797.

FRIENDS OF FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Nov. 11. New York. Ra­dio City Christ­mas show, “Hum­bugged,” star­ring the Rock­ettes. $125, in­cludes show and lunch at Snuffy’s Panta­gis Renais­sance Res­taur­ant in Scotch Plains, N.J. 215-498-5908, friendsfox­chaselib­rary@ve­r­i­

ST. WIL­LI­AM’S SENI­OR CIT­IZENS Nov. 16. Hun­ter­don Hills Play­house. $86, in­cludes trans­port­a­tion, Christ­mas show and sit-down din­ner. 215-725-5697.

TLA RHAWN­HURST Nov. 19. Rain­bow Din­ner Theatre. $82, in­cludes show, “Home for the Hol­i­days” and stop at Kit­chen Kettle Vil­lage. 215-743-6708.

FRIENDS OF FOX CHASE LIB­RARY Dec. 7. Christ­mas in Her­shey, Pa. $93, in­cludes lunch, show and shop­ping at Chocol­ate World. 215-498-5908, friendsfox­chaselib­rary@ve­r­i­

ST. JAMES ALUMNI AS­SO­CI­ATION Jan. 5 to 17, 2012. East­ern Carib­bean cruise on Celebrity’s Sil­hou­ette. Prices from $1,599 (per per­son, double oc­cu­pancy), in­clude round-trip trans­port­a­tion to the pier, $50 ship­board cred­it and more. 610-566-1080. ••


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