Letters to the editor August 25, 2011 edition

Let there be light to help hon­or our fallen her­oes

Only re­cently has it been brought to my at­ten­tion the mean­ing of the blue porch lights I have seen scattered throughout May­fair.

They are there to show pub­lic sup­port for our fine Phil­adelphia Po­lice De­part­ment. It seems this prac­tice sadly was re­vived due to the un­for­tu­nate, re­cent loss of so many of our her­oes. 

I have to be­lieve the reas­on for so few lights is the pub­lic is simply un­aware. My blue light will shine every night, and I hope the word spreads so oth­ers may as well.

I thank my friend and co-work­er, Mr. Kev­in Bor­man, for in­form­ing me about this great way to show we are be­hind our brave men and wo­men in blue. Kev­in is the proud fath­er of Kev­in Bor­man Jr., Phil­adelphia po­lice of­ficer of the 3rd dis­trict.

Let’s light our blocks in a beau­ti­ful, thank­ful blue! Show your ap­pre­ci­ation! May God bless Chief Ram­sey, our po­lice of­ficers and fire­men. 

Jack­ie Houck


Meth­adone clin­ic  can be a lifesaver

Do you meth­adone clin­ic pro­test­ers un­der­stand there are ad­dicts who are dy­ing be­cause the clin­ics are full and do not have room for a single per­son? The drug ad­dicts are in your neigh­bor­hood already. They deal and use right in your back yard, maybe even in your own homes.  They are go­ing pre­scrip­tion shop­ping at your doc­tor’s of­fice and/or loc­al hos­pit­al. When they real­ize they have a prob­lem, where do you think they go to get help?

I’m not talk­ing only about that junkie on the corner of the street. I’m talk­ing about people you see every day who take more pre­scrip­tion meds than they should.

Meth­adone is not only for heroin. People who take Per­co­cet, Vicod­in or Oxy­con­tin need it some­times, too. Most adults have been on pain med­ic­a­tion once in their lives. What if you liked it a little more than you should? You de­serve to be for­got­ten and even­tu­ally die? Open your eyes, people.

What really made me laugh is when someone made the com­ment that Lin­coln High School is close to the pro­posed clin­ic. That is the most drug-in­fes­ted school in the dis­trict. More Lin­coln stu­dents are go­ing to need this clin­ic than any­one!

Par­ents, open your eyes! Where are your chil­dren? An even bet­ter ques­tion, who are your chil­dren? Take a look at them or that scruffy kid that lives next door. Give them one more shot at liv­ing nor­mal lives! Don’t be so quick to join this fight. Do a little re­search first.

I am 30 years old and only know what I do be­cause I pay at­ten­tion to the people around me. Of all my old friends who I lost touch with after high school, 60 per­cent of them are in Al­co­hol­ics An­onym­ous, Nar­cot­ics An­onym­ous or be­long to a meth­adone clin­ic.

If you don’t like it, you’re go­ing to have to move out of Philly. Look at the 2nd and 15th po­lice dis­tricts’ crime re­ports in this very news­pa­per. It’s sad to say, but all of those thefts and vi­ol­ent crimes are drug-re­lated.

I re­mem­ber a nicer, safer Philly, too. I wish we could go back to that sim­pler time, but we can’t, so the only op­tion is to em­brace this for what it really is — a lifesav­ing solu­tion.

Nicole New­man

Castor Gar­dens

Clin­ic’s in a drug-free school zone

What about the drug-free school zone? Isn’t this a law in Phil­adelphia?

A drug-free school zone is an area in­clus­ive of any prop­erty used for school pur­poses by any school, wheth­er or not owned by such school, with­in 1,000 feet of any such prop­erty, and with­in or im­me­di­ately ad­ja­cent to school buses.

It is any spe­cif­ic loc­a­tion in the com­munity, es­pe­cially an area where chil­dren con­greg­ate, that the cit­izens per­ceive as be­ing a place where drug traf­fick­ing or al­co­hol avail­ab­il­ity prob­lems ex­ist, and the cit­izens de­cide to take ac­tion. Typ­ic­ally, com­munit­ies have tar­geted schools and school yards, parks and play­grounds, pub­lic hous­ing de­vel­op­ments, and spe­cif­ic neigh­bor­hoods or city blocks.

Drug-free zones around schools of­fer com­munit­ies one way to give stu­dents a place where they can play and talk without be­ing threatened by drug deal­ers and drug users. Fed­er­al law and many state and loc­al laws in­crease pen­al­ties for drug-re­lated activ­it­ies (meth­adone is a drug) in drug-free school zones. 

Wil­li­am T. Mul­doon


Help save May­fair

I’ve lived in May­fair all my life, but it’s be­com­ing a ghetto. State Rep. Kev­in Boyle and his crew have been great try­ing to help May­fair.

Please join Kev­in and his crew to block the meth­adone clin­ic that is planned to open on Frank­ford Av­en­ue. It does not work. It’s not a re­hab. It’s free drugs, free cell phones, free Trans­passes for junkies. We’ve had enough at tax­pay­er ex­pense. Good luck, Kev­in. Thanks for help­ing May­fair.

Linda Mar­tin


May­fair’s movie night was a hit

May­fair Re­cre­ation Cen­ter held its first sum­mer movie night on Aug. 17. Spe­cial thanks to state Rep. Kev­in Boyle’s staff, the May­fair staff, TD Bank, Phil­adelphia De­part­ment of Parks & Re­cre­ation, Holy Ter­rors Youth Or­gan­iz­a­tion and loc­al busi­nesses that helped out with the event.

With the weath­er per­mit­ting, more than 300 people showed up to watch Toy Story 3 on the sports fields. With blankets and lawn chairs in hand, the com­munity en­joyed the sum­mer ex­per­i­ence.

The event was pro­moted by Kev­in Boyle’s of­fice, which con­trib­uted to such an ex­cel­lent turnout.

Fam­ily Movie Night was such a huge suc­cess that we look for­ward to con­tinu­ing this event every year.

Joe Camm

Fa­cil­ity su­per­visor

May­fair Re­cre­ation Cen­ter

On taxes, con­trol­ler is right on the money

Thank you to Tom War­ing for his art­icle on City Con­trol­ler Alan Butkovitz (Dol­lar signs, Aug. 4 edi­tion).

As the city’s fin­an­cial watch­dog, Butkovitz is one of the few elec­ted of­fi­cials who does his job well. He re­ports to the cit­izens where the city can bet­ter man­age our tax dol­lars and is­sues re­com­mend­a­tions for im­prove­ment.

Butkovitz was one of the first to ar­dently op­pose the ac­tu­al value ini­ti­at­ive, which will raise our real es­tate taxes! The city claims this will be rev­en­ue-neut­ral. Bull! As a friend of mine re­cently said, rev­en­ue-neut­ral means more money out of our pock­ets and in­to the gov­ern­ment’s.

The Board of Re­vi­sion of Taxes said people were con­fused about their real es­tate as­sess­ments. Well, I’d rather be con­fused and stu­pid and pay less in taxes, than to be smart and poorer!

Myles Gor­don


O’Neill chal­lenger doesn’t have a clue

There were sev­er­al let­ters last week re­gard­ing the 10th Coun­cil­man­ic Dis­trict, with Demo­crat Bill Ru­bin’s as one of them. He is try­ing to use sound bites and buzz words to sep­ar­ate him­self from Bri­an O’Neill. He has no de­tailed plan that he is put­ting for­ward that will suc­ceed. He uses 17 per­cent pay in­creases, half-mil­lion-dol­lar DROP pay­ments, vot­ing for Coun­cil pres­id­ent and city cars, etc., to in­flame con­stitu­ents to vote for him.

The vast ma­jor­ity of re­cip­i­ents are mem­bers of Ru­bin’s party. When he was in his city job, did Bill Ru­bin get re­im­bursed for travel ex­penses? That is why the Coun­cil people have cars for Coun­cil busi­ness only. Ru­bin also states that Bri­an voted “no” on prop­erty tax in­creases and they still went through. So who voted and failed to veto those in­creases? An­swer: Bill Ru­bin’s party mem­bers.

His Re­pub­lic­an turn­coat of­fers up even more un­suc­cess­ful sup­posed plans of Ru­bin’s when he wants Coun­cil people to only have one job at $125,000 a year. Do we want lead­ers that would be sat­is­fied with that and with their skills could only earn that amount of money? He also uses Rick Mari­ano as an ex­ample. Mari­ano had oth­er jobs out­side of Coun­cil and he still couldn’t keep his hands from tak­ing il­leg­al mon­ies.

The best was his turn­coat crony try­ing to as­so­ci­ate Bri­an and his law firm with the Phil­adelphia Hous­ing Au­thor­ity. In my opin­ion, the PHA needed qual­i­fied com­pet­ent law­yers to do the work for them. But look who is in­volved with the prob­lems at the PHA: Bob Brady’s wife, John Street, Jan­nie Black­well and Jonath­an Saidel. All mem­bers of Ru­bin’s party.

I said that Bill Ru­bin wasn’t as qual­i­fied as Bri­an for coun­cil­man. Bill, due to these let­ters, my opin­ion is show­ing that you are a novice and rook­ie head­ing in the dir­ec­tion of not a clue.

May­er Krain

Mod­ena Park

O’Neill cares about folks in Pine Val­ley

I just want to say thank you so much to Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill and his staff. They are so cour­teous and pro­fes­sion­al and al­ways take care of us reg­u­lar folks here in Pine Val­ley.

I am the moth­er of a 5-year-old who at­ten­ded preschool at Lack­man Play­ground. One snowy day in late Feb­ru­ary I took my daugh­ter to school as usu­al. The en­tire en­trance to the play­ground was covered in snow, mak­ing it im­possible for us to take the little ones in­to the build­ing. The teach­ers didn’t know what to do, so I called the coun­cil­man’s of­fice. They had it cleared with­in an hour!

A few years ago, I called to have signs put up on our street be­cause of speed­ing cars. We have a lot of chil­dren on our block, and I along with oth­er par­ents were con­cerned for their safety. I called Coun­cil­man O’Neill’s of­fice and they asked at what in­ter­sec­tion I wanted the signs. They were put up so fast that I was shocked! Any­time I call the city or any oth­er politi­cian, they don’t do ANY­THING!! So again, I want to say thank you, Coun­cil­man O’Neill, for caring about us in Pine Val­ley and our chil­dren!!!

Lori Cedeno

Bill Ru­bin is the right change

In last week’s let­ters to the ed­it­or sec­tion, I was happy to hear that John Hayes had the good for­tune of get­ting a re­sponse from Coun­cil­man O’Neill’s dis­trict of­fice to his troub­ling situ­ation (Ru­bin back­er seems like his P.R. man­ager). But he is wrong when he writes that is what is done for con­stitu­ents on a daily basis. It is only done for some.

Let me re­as­sure you, Mr. Hayes, I am just an av­er­age, on-time tax­pay­ing, lifelong res­id­ent of North­east Phil­adelphia. I have seen many changes over the years, and this com­munity is ready for a change with Bill Ru­bin.

And yes, Mr. Hayes, I do sup­port Bill Ru­bin whole­heartedly.

Let me as­sure you, I am in no way a pub­lic re­la­tions man­ager or a cam­paign man­ager. But thank you for think­ing and say­ing so. What I am is just an av­er­age per­son liv­ing in a com­munity that I love and ex­er­cising my First Amend­ment right. If you mis­in­ter­preted my po­s­i­tion, feel free to look in to it. I am sup­port­ing Bill Ru­bin be­cause he loves this com­munity as much as I do and is ready to work hard to build a bet­ter one.

And while I en­joy read­ing opin­ions in the North­east Times, the fla­vor of your art­icle left me with a sense that “the heat may be get­ting a little too high.” Per­haps there is a burn­ing need to share?

Debbie Bon­ner

Pine Val­ley

Did Bill Ru­bin have Marge’s sup­port?

After read­ing John Fritz’s let­ter last week about Bill Ru­bin not hav­ing a pat­ron­age job with Marge Tartagli­one (Bill Ru­bin of­fers a bet­ter to­mor­row), I con­cluded that Mr. Fritz needs to back away from that po­s­i­tion and or­der a double-shot of real­ity.

Do you really think that the voters of the 10th Coun­cil­man­ic Dis­trict are so naïve that they be­lieve that Mr. Ru­bin got his job without Marge Tartagli­one’s bless­ing?

Did can­did­ate Ru­bin find his job as Marge Tartagli­one’s top lieu­ten­ant in the want ads? And wasn’t Mr. Ru­bin a Tartagli­one em­ploy­ee AND at the same time, vice chair­man of the pen­sion board when he traveled around the city de­fend­ing Marge Tartagli­one tak­ing DROP?

Joe Gaynor

Fox Chase

A vote for Sandra Stew­art for Coun­cil

Sandra Stew­art, run­ning for City Coun­cil in the 6th dis­trict, is a very ded­ic­ated com­munity lead­er. She has new, vi­brant ideas and eth­ics for City Hall.

She has par­ti­cip­ated in the Ta­cony Civic As­so­ci­ation for years, deal­ing with qual­ity-of-life is­sues. She com­mu­nic­ates with city agen­cies and prop­erty own­ers about nuis­ance prop­er­ties, re­ports un­safe con­di­tions, aban­doned vehicles and build­ings and prop­erty com­plaints. She’s also on the board of the 15th Po­lice Dis­trict Ad­vis­ory Coun­cil and is very act­ive in Ta­cony Town Watch.

Sandra should be praised for her work in the com­munity. She will make a great city coun­cil­wo­man.

Wil­li­am Wal­ters

Ta­con­yMur­al Arts Pro­gram is a bright spot in Frank­ford

It was with great pleas­ure that we read John Loftus’ piece in the Aug. 11 edi­tion of the North­east Times about the Mur­al Arts Pro­gram com­ing to Frank­ford.

The Frank­ford Com­munity De­vel­op­ment Cor­por­a­tion, a non-profit or­gan­iz­a­tion ded­ic­ated to re­vital­iz­ing the 4200 to 5300 blocks of Frank­ford Ave. and the sur­round­ing neigh­bor­hood, has been work­ing with Ne­tanel Por­ti­er and Cesar Viver­os to help fa­cil­it­ate this pro­cess, and we could not be more pleased that they will be work­ing to beau­ti­fy our com­munity. We were also thrilled that Cesar was able to at­tend our second in a series of arts fest­ivals held on Aug. 13.

The Frank­ford CDC be­lieves the work of the Mur­al Arts Pro­gram will go a long way to­ward fur­ther­ing our ef­forts to turn Frank­ford in­to a vi­brant neigh­bor­hood and busi­ness dis­trict once again.

We look for­ward to con­tinu­ing our in­volve­ment with this pro­ject and en­ga­ging the en­tire Frank­ford com­munity to cre­ate something spe­cial, beau­ti­ful and sus­tain­able right here in our own back­yard.

Tracy O’Drain

Man­aging Dir­ect­or

Frank­ford Com­munity De­vel­op­ment Cor­por­a­tion

What to do with the garden van­dals

Com­mend­a­tions to the read­er who ex­pressed con­cern about the dam­age done to the chil­dren’s garden at Pel­bano Rec Cen­ter (Small in­sults can wreck a com­munity, Aug. 4 edi­tion).

I am one of the Phil­adelphia mas­ter garden­ers who worked with the staff and kids to es­tab­lish the garden. We have tried to rep­lic­ate our ef­forts city­wide in many of the re­cre­ation cen­ters this year. Un­for­tu­nately, this kind of van­dal­ism is not unique to Pel­bano.

The tot’s garden at Mitchell Play­ground has been up­rooted and over­turned. The van­dals, who have no bet­ter way to spend their time, have picked on these very bright and well-be­haved tod­dlers by des­troy­ing the crops they planted, and they have done it TWICE.

The mind­less de­struc­tion sad­dens all of us. We are try­ing very hard to teach these little people how to care for the en­vir­on­ment, their com­munity, their health and each oth­er. What kind of im­pres­sion does this make on them? What kind of ex­ample does it give them about how to treat the prop­erty of oth­ers and to re­spect their own work? Also, we have seen more van­dal­ism in the af­flu­ent North­east than we have seen in less priv­ileged areas.

What would I like to see hap­pen? I would like to see the par­ents of the van­dals march them to Pel­bano to work with the kids in re­plant­ing a fall cold crop. Bet­ter yet, I would like to see the van­dals own up to their mis­deeds on their own.

I am put­ting the chal­lenge out to the par­ents. Make your kids re­spons­ible for their bad be­ha­vi­or and have them com­mit to the res­tor­a­tion. Maybe they will learn something new about life and how to re­spect the prop­erty of oth­ers. I com­mit that the mas­ter garden­ers work­ing on the pro­ject will make sure seeds and cold-crop plant starts are avail­able to ac­com­plish the garden re­new­al.

Kate Halus


Sarah’s third, after Jes­sica and Lind­sey

We want to clear up some con­fu­sion in the North­east People sec­tion of the Aug. 11 is­sue, cre­ated by the over­whelm­ing pride of a close re­l­at­ive.

St. Hubert High School rank­ings are based on a stu­dent’s four-year cu­mu­lat­ive aca­dem­ic per­form­ance. Al­though Sarah was top ranked for her seni­or year, her cu­mu­lat­ive rank was 3.

Our apo­lo­gies to Jes­sica Eng, ranked first, and Lind­sey Sta­s­i­orowski, ranked second, and con­grat­u­la­tions to them for their well-earned se­lec­tions as va­le­dictori­an and sa­luta­tori­an.

These three girls were amaz­ing stu­dents as were all of those who ex­celled or worked to­ward ex­cel­lence at St. Hubert High School. All of you should be proud of your ac­com­plish­ments. Con­grat­u­la­tions!

The How­shall Fam­ily

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