Story Archive August 24 2011

Editorial: Money for nothing

You have to hand it to Arlene Ackerman. She sure knows how to make a deal. No, the superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia was not responsible for the earthquake that rattled the East Coast one day after she was ousted from her cushy job, but she certainly did shake loose a whole lot of bucks for her departure.

Letters to the editor August 25, 2011 edition

Let there be light to help honor our fallen heroes

Conquering the Trail of Hope

Fishtown’s Peter Prusinowski walked from Penn Treaty Park to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to commemorate the trail the Lenni Lenape Indians took.

Making sense of Philly's business maze

The Office of Business Services is using the web and local directors to help spur business in a notoriously unfriendly business culture.

Redistricting could mean shake up for river wards

As City Council nears a deadline to remap district boundaries, residents weigh in at public hearings. Two more are scheduled.

Getting down to business

Sometimes, it really is about who you know.

Bible tales … with spice

For his stage entry in Philly Fringe, Michael Tait has crafted a religious musical that isn’t quite G(od)-rated.

Actress is glad to do another Webber musical

Growing up in Ocean City, Md., with parents who owned and operated their own theater company, Jennifer Hope Wills had a dream: To one day appear in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit, The Phantom of the Opera.

The art of athletics

Jessica Brown’s background has convinced her of the value of school sports programs. That’s why she is bringing them to a performing-arts high school.

The next generation

After 22 seasons, Archbishop Wood baseball coach Jim DiGuiseppe announced his retirement in June. Now his son is stepping up to the plate.