Story Archive August 18 2011

Saluting a slugger from the Northeast

Crescentville native Del Ennis passed away 15 years ago. But his legacy lives on for Phillies fans who followed the team in the 1950s.

Into the wild blue yonder

Heather Schultz has battled mightily to cope with disability that resulted from a pool accident. Her latest accomplishment is a flight-training program that has enabled her to soar to exhilarating heights.

Backers derail Bridesburg trash station plan

Bridesburg and Port Richmond residents holding their noses over concerns of a new trash transfer site planned for the community can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Serial robber likes 7-Eleven

The thief committed his first robbery two years ago. He has been an elusive fellow ever since.

SWAT unit gets young robbery suspects

The two teens, one allegedly armed with a shotgun, fled to their Frankford home and refused to surrender. Officers eventually took them into custody.

Vehicle owners feel deflated

Police are looking for vandals who slashed the tires of 13 vehicles in Oxford Circle.

IRS: Tax scam brings many unhappy returns

Con artist "tax preparers" are telling seniors they can get big refunds. What they're likely to get is a lot of aggravation.

Opponents derail Bridesburg trash-transfer station

The company behind the project has decided to give up the fight for its construction.

NE pharmacist charged in drug operation

Authorities say he filled bogus prescriptions as part of a ring that charged people a fee to help them get the drugs.

Search continues for body of swimmer

The man jumped from a boat on the Delaware River, friends say, and disappeared below the surface.