Which Phillies stars are destined for the Wall?

Last Fri­day, the Phil­lies en­shrined former first base­man — and three-time all-star — John Kruk in their Wall of Fame, the or­gan­iz­a­tion’s very own Hall of Fame. 

Kruk joined a long list of Phil­lies greats in­clud­ing Robin Roberts, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Dar­ren Daulton and Harry Kalas, to name a few. Be­ing the mem­or­able, no-non­sense kind of guy that he is, Kruk fin­ished his speech with a com­ment to all the people and play­ers that talk badly about Phil­adelphia.

“You hear play­ers and me­dia people say it’s tough to play in Philly in front of these fans,” Kruk said. “To these people, I say, ‘You didn’t have the guts to suc­ceed here!’”

This got me think­ing about the cur­rent Phil­lies roster and who, if any, would some day be en­shrined on that Wall of Fame with Kruk and the gang. 

To be con­sidered, play­ers must have been with the team for at least fives years, with pitch­ers re­quired to have been in at least 180 games and po­s­i­tion play­ers need­ing to have been in at least 700. Man­agers and coaches must have four years of ser­vice with the team.

With that in mind, here are a few can­did­ates.

Jimmy Rollins

While his fu­ture with the team is un­cer­tain, his cre­den­tials rank him among the best Phil­lies ever. He is a three-time all-star with a Na­tion­al League MVP Award (2007), mul­tiple Gold Glove awards and a Sil­ver Slug­ger Award.

His name also can be found among oth­ers on most of the Phil­lies’ all-time ca­reer lists. Rollins un­doubtedly will be on that wall. 

Chase Ut­ley

Is an ex­plan­a­tion really needed here? Ut­ley is a per­en­ni­al Gold Glover and all-star starter who has con­sist­ently provided the spark this team has needed every year since he took over at second base. He also holds the Phil­lies re­cord for most starts at second base. 

Ry­an Howard

He was named Rook­ie of the Year in 2005. He was named Most Valu­able Play­er in 2006. He already ranks second (be­hind Mike Schmidt) for most homers ever by a Phil­lie. Love him or hate him, he likely will be up there as well. 

Shane Vic­torino

The three guys lis­ted above of­ten over­shad­ow Vic­torino, but he very well could make it onto the wall.

Just look at his cur­rent num­bers: .313 bat­ting av­er­age, 12 homers, 12 triples and 15 stolen bases. He also has been voted onto two all-star teams and has won three Gold Gloves. I would not be sur­prised to see him get in either.

Charlie Manuel

The man has steered this or­gan­iz­a­tion to a World Series trophy and is work­ing on a second. Not to men­tion the two Na­tion­al League pen­nants and four con­sec­ut­ive NL East crowns he has de­livered. He went from be­ing the guy every­one made fun of be­cause of the way he talked to the guy every­one loves be­cause of the way he wins. He’s in. 

Cole Hamels

Hamels prob­ably has the best chance of all the pitch­ers on the cur­rent roster to make the wall, as­sum­ing the Phil­lies can sign him to a long-term con­tract. 

He has two all-star nom­in­a­tions already as well as a Na­tion­al League Cham­pi­on­ship Series MVP award and a World Series MVP award.

He also is put­ting to­geth­er a strong case to win the Cy Young Award this sea­son. As­sum­ing he keeps do­ing what he’s do­ing, he will be up there as well. 

A few oth­ers

Roy Hal­laday and Cliff Lee have the po­ten­tial to put to­geth­er some really im­press­ive num­bers in Phil­lies pin­stripes but may not be able to reach the re­quired num­ber of games for con­sid­er­a­tion. 

Brad Lidge had one of the best sea­sons ever, if not the best sea­son ever, by a Phil­lies re­liev­er, but is that enough to get him in?

Ry­an Mad­son is one of the longest-ten­ured pitch­ers on the staff but would have to re-sign here and keep de­vel­op­ing in­to the closer that he seems destined to be­come. ••

Colum­nist Matt God­frey can be reached at mgod­frey@bsmphilly.com

You can reach at mgodfrey@bsmphilly.com.

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