Story Archive August 10 2011

‘It hurts so bad’

Friends and family battle the pain from the loss of a great soldier killed in a horrific attack in Afghanistan.

Keeping memories afloat

A former sailor on the USS Forrestal organizes a ceremony to salute the ship and remember a deadly fire.

Living in the past

Being a storyteller for the popular ‘Once Upon a Nation’ program demands a lot of Katie Stickney. She’s outgoing. She can be quite dramatic. And she knows her Philly history.

Captain America: Bringing the comic book to the big screen

The summer superhero flood of movies continues with the release of yet another Avengers-prequel, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Editorial: The mayor is right

“You want to have children? Take care of them.”

Letters to the editor August 11, 2011 edition

A giant helping of customer service

30 Minutes or Less delivers big laughs

Learning that there is a true story that is eerily similar to the plot of 30 Minutes or Less was a bit unnerving.