Editorial: The mayor is right

“You want to have chil­dren? Take care of them.”

So said May­or Mi­chael Nut­ter Tues­day morn­ing in an in­ter­view on CNN. Of course, the may­or said a whole lot more than that over the week­end, es­pe­cially Sunday at the West Phil­adelphia church where he’s been a mem­ber for 25 years.

In blast­ing the “flash mobs” of black young­sters who in re­cent weeks have en­gaged in vi­ol­ence and near-ri­ots in Cen­ter City, and in an­noun­cing a crack­down on those thugs and their par­ents, Mr. Nut­ter is right on the money.

Con­trary to what some mis­guided people may think, the may­or wants the en­tire city — not just the white com­munity — to know he means busi­ness when he calls for an end to the may­hem.

Nev­er mind that if the may­or were white and made those same com­ments, race-ob­sessed trouble-seekers like Jesse Jack­son and Al Sharpton would crawl in­to town to hold protests and call for the may­or’s head.

The crack­down on the mobs of un­ruly young­sters should not go un­noticed in May­fair, which, on those rare oc­ca­sions when a Philly sports team wins a cham­pi­on­ship, sees thou­sands of cel­eb­rants con­verge at Cottman and Frank­ford av­en­ues.

Tak­ing to the streets to mark a sports vic­tory is OK as long as the demon­stra­tions don’t ad­versely af­fect the qual­ity of life for the com­munity as a whole. By and large the events are free of vi­ol­ence — per­haps be­cause the cel­eb­ra­tions are an­ti­cip­ated and po­lice sat­ur­ate the area.

Let May­or Nut­ter’s re­ac­tion to the Cen­ter City vi­ol­ence be a warn­ing to folks in May­fair and the en­tire city: Be­have your­self or the crim­in­al justice sys­tem will teach you a les­son you’ll nev­er for­get.

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